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About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog. My husband Brian and I have been married for 13 years. In a short time we had five wild, adventurous, determined, athletic, and hungry boys!! In May of 2017 we had our first girl. We live in a small town outside of Kansas City, Mo. My life is very busy with practices, homeschooling, cooking, and keeping everyone alive! I have searched for a blog that shares recipes for large families, shopping hacks (etc.) as well as daily parenting adventures or struggles. I never found a blog that I connected with so I decided to start my own! As a mother of so many boys, you can find yourself feeling like a hot mess. I would wonder why I can’t be like the mom’s on TV who are calm, cool, and soft spoken. I’d also ask myself why my boys were out of control, or do other mother’s deal with things I do. Luckly, a few years ago I made friends with a couple of mom’s that each had three boys. When we’d open up about our daily struggles or craziness the most amazing thing happened!! The skies opened up and Jesus let me know that I was not the only mother on Earth with boys!! And better yet, we were NORMAL!!!! Praise Jesus, my family and I are normal, Hahaha!! I hope you follow my blog, try a recipe, learn something new, share my blog with other mom’s you know, and if you have boys…..learn you are not alone!