Meals On A Budget

Freezer Meals

I LOVE freezer meals!! When sport practices and games start it gets a little crazy around here. Our boys play basketball, football, and baseball. We usually have 3, sometimes 4 different teams!! That means a lot of running throughout the week for this mama and with a toddler it can become a nightmare around supper time!! My freezer meals were used during basketball and now baseball has started so it’s time to replenish my stock. I made my Aldi run Saturday morning and spent a little over $100.00 on these meals. I was able to make 9 family meals and 3 Keto meals (for Brian). It took about 3 hours…..but the payoff in the end is well worth it. SANITY!!!!!!! heheheheh Here is a list of the meals I made.

Veggie Soup, Pork Chops and Veggies, Chicken Fajitas, Chicken Spinach Lasagna (2), Cheesy Chicken Potato Casserole, Taco Meat, Grilled Chicken Breast (for wraps and salads), and Spaghetti sauce with cooked hamburger. The Keto meals were Chicken Spinach Lasagna (with Zucchini instead of noodles), Cauliflower Cheesy Chicken Bake, and Chicken Asparagus Mushroom Alfredo.

I will share the recipes, just give me time to post….I’m a busy girl right now! Hahaha. However, there are super easy ways to start filling your freezer today! When you cook hamburger, make extra! It’s always nice to have browned hamburger in the freezer for being one step ahead of a meal. You can add spaghetti sauce to it or taco seasoning. These are perfect for crock pots!! Just make sure to add a little water to the taco meat so it doesn’t burn in the crock pot 😉. Cooking a pot of chili or veggie soup??? Make a double batch and freeze what you don’t use. Same for grilled chicken! I love having grilled chicken in freezer bags for salads and chicken tortilla wraps!

I hope I have encouraged any of you busy moms to start filling your freezers! You don’t have to do it all at once so don’t feel overwhelmed! Just take it one meal at a time and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when you open the freezer. You can do it 👍. Isn’t it funny what us moms find exciting!!!??? Hahaha

God Bless!!

Meals On A Budget

Baked Soft Tacos

Taco Tuesday’s are very important around here! We decided to explore our options a while back with taco night and created Baked Soft Tacos. They are easy, quick, and great on a budget! You will realize why I shop at Aldi! My taste testers ate them up in no time. This meal cost around $18.50 or around $2.30 a person for a family of 8. Plus enough to have as leftovers tomorrow, make as a freezer meal, or individual freezer meals. Will explain below!


2 1/2 lbs Hamburger ($2.19lb Aldi)

2 C. Minute Rice ($1.50 Aldi)

12 Tortillas (Soft Taco Size) (.99 for 10ct. at Aldi)

1 C. Salsa ($1.79 Aldi)

2- 8 oz Shredded Cheese (Any kind for $1.79 Aldi)

2-3 TBSP. Taco Seasoning ($.39 per package Aldi)

1- 15 oz can of Black Beans or Refried Beans ($.69 Aldi)

Sour Cream (.99 16oz container Aldi)

Lettuce ($1.49 Aldi)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray two 9×13 baking dishes

Start by browning the hamburger. While that’s cooking make your rice. I use brown instant rice, but you can totally use white! When hamburger is finished, drain the grease and put back into skillet. Add in the salsa, beans, seasoning, and cooked rice. Stir together. Grab a tortilla and place 3/4 c. of mixture on it, add a handful of cheese, then roll up. Repeat. When tortillas are ready, spread a good amount of sour cream on the tops and sprinkle on some more cheese.

Pop in oven and bake for 15 minutes. When finished you can add lettuce, tomatoes, or more salsa!

For freezer meal, follow same instructions. Instead of adding on the sour cream and cheese cover with foil and place in freezer. I always write the name of dish and the date on it before I take meals to the freezer. To cook, take out of freezer the night before and place in refrigerator. If you forget like I sometimes do, don’t worry. Just place in fridge that morning. Bake 350 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on how frozen the tacos are before you place them in oven.

Another option is to increase some of the ingredients. Cook 3 c. rice , 4 lbs. hamburger, 1 1/2 c. salsa and keep everything else the same. After you’ve made your tortillas you can make regular crunchy tacos with the remaining meat mixture or more soft tacos for freezer. Can also plastic wrap each one individually and freeze for a quick lunch or teenageer snack! Unwrap the taco and microwave for 1 -2 minutes.

Meals On A Budget

Pork Chops and Veggies

This meal is simple, delicious, and cheap! It always helps to load up on meat when your grocery stores have “Bulk Meat” sales!! I bought a package of 13 pork chops (a little over 7 lbs) for $9.22. The veggies and rice were purchased at Aldi. Now, I know fresh veggies are better. But I love having frozen veggie packs in the freezer for last minute or quick meals! Aldi has a great selection of frozen veggies! I bought 2 bags for $3.18 ($1.59 each). My rice was $1.50 for a 1 LB box. The total for this meal was $13.90 and it fed 8 of us!! That’s around $1.74 a person, plus leftovers! Here’s how I made it.

I added Olive Oil (sometimes I use butter) to a skillet over medium-high heat. Season chops with garlic salt and pepper. Place in pan. Cook for 4-5 minutes. Flip and cook for another 4-5 minutes or until meat is at 150 -155 degrees. We have a meat thermometer that we purchased off Amazon. It was well worth the purchase! When finished, place on tray and repeat until all the pork chops are cooked.

While the meat is cooking, start the sides. Add 4 Cups of water to a pan and bring to a boil.  While waiting on water to boil,  steam the veggies in a covered pan with a 1/4 C. of water. This takes about 5 minutes. When the veggies are done I add 1 TBSP of butter and a pinch of salt. Your water for the rice should be boiling now. Add 4 C. of Instant Rice and stir. Remove from heat and let sit 5 minutes.

Time to plate up and eat! My kiddos love this meal. They even add a little Teriyaki Sauce or Soy Sauce on top of veggies if we have it. Enjoy!