My Life


Hello outside world!! It has been a crazy start to the summer, but things are starting to slow down. Thank goodness. We have ran to baseball practices and games, spent 4 days in Children’s Mercy Hospital with Amos for a ruptured appendix, keeping the garden weeded, football camp, and now junior golf starts. I mean could my schedule get any bigger!!!??? My kitchen has been a complete mess, I have not been able to cook a nice family meal for weeks, and our home has seen better days. If I had a job outside of the home I’m pretty sure my children would starve and our home would look like an episode of Hoarders! Hahaha

One thing that irritates me the most in our home (especially right now) are smells. Smells are something I have always struggled with in our home. Maybe it’s because I have a lot of children. I’m telling you it’s getting worse too! The boys are getting older so now I’m no longer fighting diaper odors……it’s all from their bodies!!!! What in the world did God put in them to make such awful smells, hahaha. Their shoes, batting gloves, their clothes, the bedding, everything they wear or touch SMELLS!!!!! Our school is now offering 7th and 8th grade football…..I remember very well what my brother’s football pads smelled like and I’ll have two kids playing!!! Ugh

Have you ever been to a house that has a fresh smell and everytime you go there it always smells the same? I’ve been to a lot of homes that smell wonderful every time we visit. How does someone do that?! I don’t like using chemicals to clean or freshen our home with, but I have tried some recently! I used fabric softener mixed with water for a room spray. Helped for maybe an hour. I use my living room essential oil diffuser, it’s just not a strong enough to cover the odors anymore. I tried Lysol (which smells horrible) and it did not cover the odor like the commercial stated! HELP!

Last week I walked back to the big boys bedroom and all five boys were in there at the same time. I opened the door, gagged, and had to stand in the hallway to talk to them, the odor was SO bad!!!! My first question was “Who didn’t take a shower today?!” Apparently a farting contest had gone on……WHAT?! Sometimes I just have to walk away. As I walked away I got on my phone and ordered essential oil diffusers for their bedrooms! I only have one teenager right now too……I can’t EVEN imagine how bad it’s going to get in a few years. Ahhhhhhh!!

As I battle fighting the smells of the men in my home, pray for Harper and I! Hahahahaha. We are taking our motorhome to Gulf Shores this summer so we will be living very close together for a week. Her and I will need LOTS of prayers!!!!!

My patient, he was a trooper! Children’s Mercy Hospital is amazing. They had BINGO night, Amos won some good prizes.

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