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Almost 10 years ago we ran across this old farm house that sits behind a neighborhood all by itself on almost 5 acres. It was a foreclosure property and we knew that it was the place for us to build our family. People warned us often how remodeling a home can cause a rocky marriage. We thought they were crazy……umm turns out they were right!!

We didn’t choose to keep it a simple remodel either! Brian tore out every wall inside and out, replacing everything, and adding on to the structure of the house.

On top of the renovation we had three boys under the age of 3 and Brian worked 10+ hours through the week at his job. The rocky part was moving into the house before it was completely finished! The boys were into all the tools, materials, etc. A lot of tears were shed by yours truly! Miraculously we made it through ( Praise Jesus!!!) and have a beautiful and cozy home.

In a recent post I talked about our kitchen and bedroom addition. I also said I would post pictures……Brian DID finish the trim that next day. He wanted me to make sure I shared that! Hehehehe. I just got busy with mom life and wasn’t able to post. Here are pictures of our new kitchen!! Fyi, some of them were taken this winter (hints the Garland above window, haha).

Yes my pantry is a mixture of tools and food for the moment! That’s my next project after baseball is over!!

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