My Life


This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, which is special in itself. A day to thank our mother’s for raising us and being there when we need them. A day to thank God for letting our mothers bring us into this world. A day to thank God for allowing a young woman to give birth and raise our Savior. A day to thank Mother Mary for accepting the responsibility of being a mother to Jesus and to all of us sinners.

This Mother’s Day was even more special for us. Amos, our fourth son, celebrated his First Holy Communion. He had a wonderful teacher (Aunt Joy!!) who does a great job preparing the kids through the year. We are SO proud of him

Brian and I hosted a brunch afterwards for our families. Since we didn’t want to ask everyone to come back the following Sunday for Harper’s 2nd birthday, we decided to throw that in as well!! Three celebrations in one party….lol. Thanks for the cakes Aunt Tess!

We are all still in awe that God blessed us with this little girl. She brings us lots of laughter, love with her hugs and kisses, and teaches all of us how to hold her baby dolls the correct way! Hahaha

It was so wonderful having family here at our home. We missed the ones who couldn’t make it and were thankful for the ones that could. Family is so important to us and to be in a big family is even better! To watch the teens and college cousins grow into adults is amazing. They still show the younger kids love and play with them. They have no idea how it makes the little ones feel and how much love they have for the older cousins. It makes my heart melt.

God has truly blessed us.

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