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Three years ago Brian and I made the choice to homeschool our children. We wanted them to have a more Christian based learning method and wanted to spend more time with them. Brian was working a lot of hours and didn’t get to see the boys as much as he’d like. It was challenging, rewarding, an emotional rollercoaster, and a blessing all in one. We decided that we would homeschool until 6th grade and hope that our boys would be Christian leaders for their peers. Plus…..I wasn’t sure I could teach the middle school math or science!!! hahahaha Kail and Bryer are in middle school now and are both on the Honor Roll. Kail is getting inducted into the National Honor Society in a few weeks!

Well …..that’s all I made it! Three years!!!!!! After Harper was born in 2017, the attention went straight to her. Which it should, she is the baby and the only girl! However, she needs more attention than any of our boys did at this toddler stage! We have really struggled this year with trying to keep her entertained and happy during our school time. It just got to be too much. And on top of that, I think my boys are tired of listening to me all day and night! Hahahah

We as a family decided that next year we would go back into the public school and just make sure to have our Christian teachings here at home. The school suggested that we start coming in for specials (music, art, pe, library) everyday so that the kids can get familiar with the school and teachers.Our second week into that the boys asked if they could finish the year out full time in the school! They were excited about school and learning there. That was something that I hadn’t seen really at all this year here at home. They are now finished with their third week and LOVE it! Plus they are each in class with their best friends. BLESS ALL THE TEACHERS!!!!!!

I am sad that our homeschool days are over. But we have so many great memories from the past three years. Shortly after our first year started, we decided to add on to our home. The boys would finish school and spend the rest of the afternoon learning construction with their dad.

This was the beginning of our construction in 2015. Amos was begging to use the jack hammer!!! He was 5 at this time.
This is the old front of our home! It got completely dug out and added onto!
Liam and daddy installing basement window
Dining room wall successfully knocked through!
New kitchen is framed in!
The boys loved hammering nails into the studs, pulling them out, and hammering some more when Brian didn’t have a job for them! HAHAHA

The kitchen is almost complete now! I’ve been able to use it for almost a year and it is like a dream. All Brian has left is to hang our pantry door and frame around it. Then, after a very very (I mean VERY!!! LOL) long time our kitchen will be 100% FINISHED!!!! I will post pics tomorrow. And if I don’t, well that means life happened and something else came up!! We were blessed with so many great memories from our homeschool years. The boys got the chance to experience hands on skills, spend extra time with their dad, and learn how our faith and Gods grace in us can lead them to do great things. God has blessed Brian with carpentry knowledge and patience. I pray our boys are blessed to become men like their father.

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