My Life

Spring At The Ballpark

Well we are in full swing of baseball games and practices. This year with three different teams going (next week we start 4!) it’s been a little hectic. Three of our teams play at a ballpark complex near Kansas City, Mo. They have a play ground in the middle of the ball fields, which is super awesome for the kiddos!! Harper, on the other hand, is having a hard time playing with others!!!

I’m sure it’s has to do with being around boys all the time, but I am embarrassed of her actions with other girls! Every week I have to deal with her hitting, punching, or throwing something at some little kid ….and it’s usually a girl!!! At this rate she’ll never have friends.

I’m thinking preschool might be a good idea for her future….she will probably get kicked out! Heaven help us!!! Hahahaha

She is the queen around here and apparently she needs to be one in public as well.

This is a picture of her getting a ride to the ball field….yes this happens every week! The boys argue about who is pulling her each time. Haha

Last week she got in trouble for being mean at the playground. She decided to sit alone and get dirty….. probably testing me! She got in trouble the other day for purposely dumping water on the floor. As I finished talking to her she called me a “meanie”!!!!! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Hahahahaha Life is going to get even more interesting with her and she’s not even two yet!! I think God knew what he was doing giving us a girl last! Lol

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