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Chicken/Zucchini Keto Lasagna (Freezer Meal)


3-4 lbs Chicken Breast (cooked and diced)

3-4 Zucchini (long)

2 45oz Jars of Prego (our favorite sauce but feel free to use your favorite!)

3 8oz Bags Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

8oz Shredded Parmesan

2 24oz Cottage Cheese

2 eggs

Garlic Salt

Black Olives (optional)

Wash zucchini and thinly slice into strips. In a bowl mix mix cottage cheese, eggs, 1 tsp garlic salt, and parmesan cheese. Time to start layering!! In 2 9×13 foil pans lay strips of zucchini just like you would noodles. Next add a handful or two of diced (cooked) chicken breast and cover that with 2 cups or so of the cottage cheese mixture. Add sliced olives if you choose so now. Pour a good layer of sauce over the top, sprinkle on some mozzarella cheese, and repeat process again. End with a good layer of mozzarella on top. When you are finished place a few layers of foil over the lasagna, pinching tightly around edges, and make sure to use a sharpie marker to name the dish! Don’t forget to add the date!!

When you are ready to cook, take lasagna out of freezer and let set in fridge for 10-12 hours to thaw. I put my freezer meals in the fridge the night before. Bake at 375 degrees for an hour. First 45 minutes with foil on and last 15 with foil off. Enjoy!!

My Life, The Great Outdoors

Garden Time

It’s FINALLY time to get outside and plant our garden!!!! It has been such a long winter. Last year our garden didn’t end up very good, so this year we are excited to get our hands dirty!! My two little helpers planted flowers that we mixed in with our veggies! And, our potatoes and onions are showing themselves…’s getting exciting!!! HAHAHA (a stay at home mothers excitement!! ) We have mixed in a lot of Marigold flowers with our veggies, I have been told that will help with our pest problem and make our garden look pretty! If you have any other suggestions please let me know…..I’m always open to new ideas! Especially after not being able to can anything last year.  We miss our green beans!!!! 

My Life

Boys and the Unexpected

In the Catholic Church, attending Stations of the Cross is a wonderful thing to watch during Lent. It’s a touching and moving time to reflect on Jesus’ journey to the cross. The children of the church get to perform it once a year and last week was a performance like no other! Any of you that have boys know that for some reason, it is genetically coded in them to use any and all objects as a gun. It is also at the worst possible moment in public when they decide to pretend to use a weapon or act out whatever is being thought about in their minds. God love em’!!

Our kids church group is small so every year my boys have a  part in Stations of the Cross. This year my two oldest were the readers, Brody was Jesus, Amos was Simon, and Liam was a guard. Now let’s be clear, Liam is 5 years old. He has the best imagination out of all my boys and is always acting out his thoughts. He knows he is the baby boy and tries to be as funny as possible for his older brothers. Well, the soldier role was probably not the best idea for this kid….especially when we gave him a sword!

On the fifth station he noticed me in the back of the church recording and taking photos as a proud mother. So, to add some extra drama to his part he decides to shoot me with his sword. I’m pretty sure that isn’t in the Passion Play!! 

This is Liam when I am giving him the “Don’t make me come out there” facial expressions!!! Can you tell he’s scared!!?? HAHAHAHAHA

Obviously that did not satisfy him enough!! When Jesus dropped the cross for the second time he taps Amos on the shoulder and says “I dare you not to laugh” then sticks the sword in Amos’ face. Quickly he leans over again and says “Laugh and I’ll chop your head off”…….I’m speechless at this point. hahahahaha I’m quickly scanning the back of the church to see who is going to be judging me as a mother, who’s going to be laughing, and who’s HOPEFULLY not paying attention!!!! Then I start to wonder if I should laugh (I mean it was a hilarious!!), cry, take him out of the play…….Jesus send me a sign and HELP me!!!! hahahahaha

Sorry about the screen shot photo! I forgot to save a plain photo on my Instagram.

After that station Liam’s back was turned to me for the rest. Who knows what else happened that I didn’t realize. I’m just glad Liam is done with performances for a while. VBS is this summer, let’s hope his acting career has calmed down a little!! HAHAHA! Boys are unpredictable. ALWAYS expect the unexpected!!!!!

Meals On A Budget

Freezer Meals

I LOVE freezer meals!! When sport practices and games start it gets a little crazy around here. Our boys play basketball, football, and baseball. We usually have 3, sometimes 4 different teams!! That means a lot of running throughout the week for this mama and with a toddler it can become a nightmare around supper time!! My freezer meals were used during basketball and now baseball has started so it’s time to replenish my stock. I made my Aldi run Saturday morning and spent a little over $100.00 on these meals. I was able to make 9 family meals and 3 Keto meals (for Brian). It took about 3 hours…..but the payoff in the end is well worth it. SANITY!!!!!!! heheheheh Here is a list of the meals I made.

Veggie Soup, Pork Chops and Veggies, Chicken Fajitas, Chicken Spinach Lasagna (2), Cheesy Chicken Potato Casserole, Taco Meat, Grilled Chicken Breast (for wraps and salads), and Spaghetti sauce with cooked hamburger. The Keto meals were Chicken Spinach Lasagna (with Zucchini instead of noodles), Cauliflower Cheesy Chicken Bake, and Chicken Asparagus Mushroom Alfredo.

I will share the recipes, just give me time to post….I’m a busy girl right now! Hahaha. However, there are super easy ways to start filling your freezer today! When you cook hamburger, make extra! It’s always nice to have browned hamburger in the freezer for being one step ahead of a meal. You can add spaghetti sauce to it or taco seasoning. These are perfect for crock pots!! Just make sure to add a little water to the taco meat so it doesn’t burn in the crock pot 😉. Cooking a pot of chili or veggie soup??? Make a double batch and freeze what you don’t use. Same for grilled chicken! I love having grilled chicken in freezer bags for salads and chicken tortilla wraps!

I hope I have encouraged any of you busy moms to start filling your freezers! You don’t have to do it all at once so don’t feel overwhelmed! Just take it one meal at a time and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when you open the freezer. You can do it 👍. Isn’t it funny what us moms find exciting!!!??? Hahaha

God Bless!!


Veggie Soup


2 lbs Hamburger

5 Medium Potatoes (peeled and diced)

1 Head Cabbage (chopped)

32 oz bag Frozen Mixed Vegetables

1 large Yellow Onion (chopped)

2 – 10.5oz Tomato Soup

4 – 5 TBSP Beef Broth Base

28 oz Diced Tomatoes

5 – 6 cups water

salt and pepper to taste

Start by browning the hamburger. While that’s cooking add remaining ingredients into a large pot. When Hamburger is done, drain the grease and stir into the soup. Cook on medium high until it starts to boil. Turn down to low heat and let soup slowly cook for 1 hour or more. If you want more beef flavor you can add another TBSP or two of the broth base. I LOVE the Orrington Farms brand!! I don’t use boxed broth anymore. If you made an extra batch for the freezer, make sure soup cools before adding it to a freezer bag! Sometimes I even freeze it in a foil pan. Enjoy this yummy soup!