My Life

Mamas Gone Cray Cray

Okay mamas, I can’t be the only one that freaks out when a toddler goes missing in your house! I mean they are sneaky, quiet, don’t always answer when you call them, and they think they are really funny. They are so cute and funny, but when a toddler goes missing around here my heart stops and my cray cray comes out in full force! The worst possible thoughts run through my head.

Less than 100 ft from our front door is a pond on the property next door. We have had 2 incidents in the past where one of our boys have been missing. I remember these frantic, but now hilarious moments like they happened yesterday. The first boy to go missing was Amos when he was 2 years old. Maybe I could keep better track when there were only 3 boys or something. I always knew where they were!! Amos, number 4, increased the cray cray anxiety in this mama!! First, before judging (thou shall now judge 😄) let me just say I had four boys ages 5 and younger.

So it was spring (which has been the common theme here) and the boys were playing in the bedroom. I realized Amos wasn’t with them so we did our usual walk through the house yelling his name. Most kids answer back…..not mine!!! I couldn’t find him anywhere and when I came to the living room my heart fell as I realized the doors had been left open to let in fresh air. We quickly went outside yelling, praying, and searching but my mind kept reminding me that there was a pond and the woods next to us.

Most mom’s might have done a second sweep inside…..not this mama. I called 911! Yes I know, I had no idea what else to do. I needed a search party!!!!! Hahahahaha So I remember being on the phone with the operator and her asking me if I have checked different places in the house. I remember saying, ” Listen, I am not stupid. I’ve checked everywhere even under the beds…he isn’t in there and I need someone to help me walk the woods!” As I had my meltdown I remember turning around and guess who was standing inside at the front door looking at me????!!!!! Dang, did I feel STUPID!!!

Brian made so much fun of me for this and still does to this day because guess what……..I did it a second time with Liam!!! Same type of scenario but we looked WAY longer this time before I called 911. I mean give me a little credit! For some strange reason it ended with me finding him at the door ( just as I found Amos) watching his hot mess of a mother on the phone. Brian told me I’m lucky DFS hasn’t been sent here to find out why I lose my kids, hahahahaha!!

The other day Harper went missing. I mean it’s spring….what else should I expect!! I went through the house yelling for her (which doesn’t matter because NONE of my children have ever answered me) and couldn’t find her. Now I know what you are thinking, no I did not call 911! I wasn’t to that point…..yet! I walked outside and heard her giggling. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Big brother Bryer had her. I hate that my boys are older, but what a relief to have some real help if I should ever need a search party again!! Hahahahaha.

So mamas next time you think that your going cray cray, remember this story and praise the Lord that you are not as cray cray as me!! God bless us mamas!!

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