My Life


Well we made it to Oklahoma and back this weekend! It took us about 5 hours from Kansas City to Pawhuska,Ok. Thank goodness my mother went with us. We were able to split the kids up between the 2 cars so the ride out was a breeze!

If you are planning on going to Pawhuska make sure to save room in your car for flea market items! There are lots of stores around the Mercantile store.

This man drives around advertising for his store. My boys loved it!

The Mercantile store was pretty crowded. We weren’t there too long.

There is a play and seating area upstairs in the coffee shop. My family was able to escape the crowd while I shopped downstairs.

Visiting the lodge was our favorite part! It took about 30 minutes to get there from downtown.

The boys were tempted to open the candy and cookie jars in the pantry!

My boys couldn’t believe they were in the Pioneer Woman’s Lodge and were sitting in the same chairs she does, hahahaha. The lodge is beautiful and has the most amazing views. Once you leave the lodge you can visit the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve just down the road. There are a couple thousand Bison that roam this prairie. The Buffalo were on both sides of the gravel road and herds of them would cross in front of us!

It was a fun stop on our way to the wedding. If you are a fan of Ree’s, it’s definitely worth going to visit.

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