My Life

Pioneer Woman

I have been a stay at home mother for thirteen years now. When Brian and I got married I only knew how to cook from boxes. Yuck! Lucky for me, Brian’s wonderful grandmother and one of his aunt’s let me in the kitchen with them and shared their recipes. Not too long after that this magical show “The Pioneer Woman” came on TV! When you have lots of babies, you tend to find yourself in a rocking chair for many hours of the day. Especially if you breastfeed! So Ree (the Pioneer Woman) and I became close friends. Not actual friends……friends through the TV! Hehehe

My boys have grown up watching the show with me. I catch them watching the Pioneer Woman at least once or twice a week without me. Hahahaha! They make sure to tell me if there is a recipe I need to try or if one they’d like to make themselves. I try to let my boys in the kitchen with me as much as possible. When they grow up and go out on their own, I want them to know how to cook….and not with the microwave or from a box! They LOVE to cook now, especially baking up some dessert goodness!! Hopefully that stays with them forever.One of their great-aunts made them all apron’s before Christmas this year. (We seriously have the best families!!)

We have a family wedding in Oklahoma this weekend. It’s only a few hours from the Pioneer Woman’s hometown so Brian and I are planning to surprise the boys by taking them to the Merc store she opened. On top of that, the Lodge where she does her cooking is open this weekend for touring!!! They are going to be so excited!!!!! It’s been hard to keep this a secret, I am SO excited!!

I hope you all have a great weekend. I’ll be sure to fill you in on our Pioneer Woman adventure!

Can anyone else snap a pic where all the kids are happy!? Liam doesn’t like posing for a picture.

Harper stole Bryer’s apron and his stocking hat. LoL

Nap time but refuses to take off apron! I bet your wondering why she is holding a old lady statue….yeah none of us understand it either! She found it at Brian’s grandmother’s house and LOVES it. Hahahah One of the aunt’s said she’ll be just like Jesus and love everyone no matter their looks. I hope so!

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