My Life


I love going to Church. It gives me a sense of peace and calming just by walking through those doors. Now, what I have to deal with before and most of the time during Church is possibly God testing my patience and grace. Which I fail at most of the time! I often wonder if HE has a sense of humor. I think HE enjoys watching me battle with my boys! Probably not, but I like to lighten the mood when we turn into crazy people!! hahaha

Getting to Church is……well absolutely insane! We are Catholic and have the option of attending Mass on Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings. It doesn’t matter which day or time we choose, I am usually screaming at a few of the boys before we go. Boys  who don’t want to go, don’t want put decent clothes on, say their starving to death as we are ready to walk out the door, or deciding to pick a fight right before we get in a car ( where we are even closer to each other)!! The car rides are always a blessing, especially early in the morning. It never fails on a Sunday to have at one boy who is super tired. When one of my boys doesn’t get enough sleep, you better watch out! A meltdown is going to explode at any given minute in the car. No matter how we arrange the seating order, the tired one is going to find something he can’t stand about the one sitting next to him!  As we pull into the parking lot I almost always say, ” Can we please be happy and act like we love eachother. People are watching!” hahahahaha. We are usually lucky to get there a minute or two before Father enters. Hey at least we are there right?!

Now comes the Mass. You would think that sitting in front of God and being in Church would make a child feel like they need to be on their best behavior…..wrong!!! Boys LOVE to pick on eachother during Mass because they know the boy being picked at can’t make a scene. We can never get through a Mass with everyone keeping their hands to themselves. Pinching someone next to them, nudging the boy that has Harper (yes they fight over holding her in Church! It does make me smile, they love her so much….. but after Mass), and squeezing hands. The squeezing hands is an issue at EVERY Mass with at least one of them, sometimes two. During the “Our Father” we hold hands…..yeah talk about entertaining. If two of them are sitting together and not getting along , the last thing they want to do is touch each other! But we sure make them!! OH, and when they are holding hands, there is always a battle over who can squeeze the hardest!! I usually have to get my “threatening” mom face on and rearrange our seating order in the pew after Communion. Does Brian ever know what’s going on…..NO! He doesn’t realize anything is happening until I happen to get his attention or during the Sign Of Peace. Instead of giving him peace I feel like a football coach telling a play super fast! Which boy to watch and a quick rundown of the situation, hahahahaha.

We went to Church tonight for Ash Wednesday. I had two little boys flipping through EVERY SINGLE PAGE  of the hymn book and two that got into a hand squeezing battle. I am usually ready for Mass to be over at this point so I can relax and not have to worry about people watching us. However, tonight there was a strong sense of peace in the air. It was like Jesus was telling me to stay calm, be thankful, and pray. Maybe it was having the ashes on my head, or knowing that we are now on the journey to the cross. The peace stayed with me tonight and has made me realize that even when we are in our craziest state of being, Jesus still loves us. It is an amazing feeling. Hopefully the peacefulness stays with us through lent, or maybe I should ask Father for ashes to mark our heads with everyday! A squirt bottle of Holy Water may do the trick as well….maybe I’ll put one in the car too!! Hahahahahaha My boys are going to have GREAT memories!

Happy Lent!!

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