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Birthdays In A Large Family

When you have a large family, it seems like there is a birthday every week! Brody (our third born) celebrated his 10th birthday today. Once I had four boys under the age of 6 and now I have three in double digits. Where does the time go??!! And, how in the world do the birthdays sneak up on me so fast???!!! The boys play in multiple sports. It seems like we are always at a practice or a game. But, you’d think by now I’d learn to be prepared!

I am the opposite when it comes to being prepared for a birthday. I usually have a plan a month or two ahead of one of my children’s birthdays. But when it get’s down to the final weeks before the big day, I get so busy I forget!! Oh and the poor kids that have birthdays in December, February, and March…….well let’s just say it’s Christmas again! I usually stock up on Christmas wrapping paper during the holidays when it’s on sale and totally forget to buy birthday paper!! Today Brody’s read “Merry Christmas”….hahaha. Honestly, he nor the other boys even noticed! However, Brian noticed and gave me the judgment look. I am pretty sure I read his mind, “I know you have been to the store a million times and you couldn’t remember regular birthday paper???” followed by “I hope you at least got a good deal on all this Christmas paper!”

Let’s get to the candles shall we. I reuse the candles from previous birthdays. Is it a big deal…..I say not. But it has been pointed out to me in the past that candles cost around $1 a box. My reply is that it’s not about the cost of the dang candles. It’s about having them left over so I don’t have to worry about REMEMBERING to buy them! Candles don’t rank very high on a grocery store list. I usually have kids with me in the store, so even if I use my list I still get home and realize I forgot a few things. I tell Brian all the time, “I’m never taking kids to the store with me again!!!”. That is a short lived dream, hahaha. Thank goodness Harper was a girl and Brian’s cousin (Tess) had special long gold candles for her cake. The “number 1” candle was down to a stub!

Now let’s go to the presents. Every year we hear almost the same things from the boys for gift ideas. No matter what age they are! Here is a list of what they have asked for: pellet gun, bebe gun, football, baseballs, basketball, bow and arrows, dirt bike, golf cart, tools, and tool boxes. What happened to the normal kid stuff like toys!? This year Brody asked for a safe. Yes, you read correctly……a safe! Brian bought a small safe for our room last year. The boys are always asking him to hide their money, batteries, or other silly items in there so the others won’t take whatever it is. Brody wanted a safe to hide HIS things from the others. The first important items to go in….. his Hot Wheels. Apparently, he has some “super awesome” Hot Wheels that Liam is always trying to play with, HA!!! We have tons of Hot Wheels. I am not sure how the boys even know which ones are theirs. Every time they play with them someone is mad!!! I don’t get it, but they sure do. Kind of like the “I Call It” game that is played in our car. We can’t drive 30 minutes without a fight over someone “calling” a car, truck, semi, etc! I usually end up yelling, “It’s a pretend game!!”. I don’t think it is to them though, LOL.

Being in a large family, along with a lot of boys can be challenging. Being a mother can be challenging. Nothing makes a mother feel more low than having to get into the safe in order to verify a birth date……hahahahah! In my defense, Brian couldn’t remember it either! Will they remember the Christmas wrapping paper on their birthday presents, or the candles that were used a few times before??? Who knows. I hope that if they do, they laugh. With every birthday that passes by, we end up with a great story. I thank GOD for letting our story continue, no matter how crazy it is.

I can’t wait to see what precious items Brody adds to his safe next!

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