My Life

Boys and Injuries

Once a baby boy starts to move on his own, it doesn’t take long for mothers to realize that they are accident prone. It’s like something inside of their brain is telling them to strive for as many dangerous activities as possible! When they start climbing on top of furniture, the easiest and funnest way down is to jump……yes that ends badly here! Yesterday, it had just started to snow when my oldest son (Kail) was walking down our driveway. He had been up the street visiting family. Great-Grandma Helen lives at the top of our driveway, so kids are always going back and forth. He slipped on ice topped with a thin layer of snow and landed on his knee. When he made it to the house and took off pants, I quickly realized we needed to get on our way to Children’s Mercy Hospital. Oh did I mention the snow storm was only beginning??!! What would usually take us an hour turned into an hour and a half drive! After several hours at the hospital, Kail ended up with 3 skin layers of 25 stitches!! He did great through it and I absolutely love the staff every time we visit Children’s Mercy Hospital!! Yes, we’ve been there a lot!

During our eventful journey yesterday, I started to recall all the accidents we have had with our boys. Let me go through a few of them for you! When our son Amos was 4, he was messing around with a marble top coffee table at his Aunt Chris’ house. On top of the table was a large Catholic Family Bible. The marble top fell on the tip of his big toe and chipped his bone. Anytime someone would ask him why he was wearing a foot splint he’d reply, “The WHOLE Bible fell on my toe!!”. Hehehehe

That same year Brian decided to buy a golf cart. He thought it would be fun for us to use going back and forth from the garden and his grandma’s house. It was fun until the boys realized they could drive it!! Yes, we gave them rules and watched them on it. When we felt comfortable with the older boys driving we relaxed and let them drive it to their grandmothers. Well, our middle boy Brody thought it would be fun to surf on the golf cart as it was going down the hill at the top of our driveway! I mean does the word DANGER never go through a boys head!!!?? Needless to say he fell off and the back tire ran over a section of his belly. We still aren’t sure how it happened but the tire marks were present! Thanks to God, that ER visit was ok and all was well with him. We often wonder what the ER staff will think of us as parents on our drives there….anyone else??? LOL

Kail has had a broken arm from the 4-Wheeler. You probably know that when the grass is wet from rain it’s fun to brake hard and “fish tale”!! I’m totally joking, I can only laugh now. The 4-Wheeler has been the cause of another serious injury. In 2017, we had just gotten home with our baby girl. Amos was on the 4-Wheeler and decided to show off for his brothers by performing a “donut” in the middle of our driveway. He flipped
the 4-Wheeler and cut the side of his knee wide open in a mud puddle. After 15 stitches the wound ended up getting infected. It was still not healing after antibiotics so we went to the ER again. We ended up at Children’s Mercy and learned that his leg was in serious trouble. There was even a possibility of amputation. After an hour of OR cleaning, they had to place a Wound Vac on him. The infection had damaged a large area of skin. It was the craziest thing we had ever experienced and we had a 2 week old newborn! My body was already high on hormones so it was natural that I was a total “hot mess” right??? HAHA!! We were there for a full week and Amos came home with his machine. We also had to get a Home Health nurse. Lucky for us she was related. Aunt Joan came twice a week to clean his wound and make sure it was healing. We always find a way to spend time with our family!! Aunt Joan was great!

I always try to stay one step ahead of my children to keep them safe. Unfortunately that just isn’t life, especially life with boys!!! When I think my boys will be safe in a situation or with an object, I can almost always count on them to amaze me with how to make it unsafe!! Brian and I will continue to put our trust in God. Praying to Him and the their Guardian Angels for their safety. Boys have a NEED to show off for each other. So…..let the “show” go on and PRAY!!!!

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