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Stir Fry

This recipe is fairly quick. I’m talking less than 30 minutes! My husband’s Aunt Amy taught me to make my rice the day before. It frys up so much better. After the rice is cooked, place it in the fridge and get out when ready to cook. You can store in a sealed bowl or Ziploc bag. Now I am a planner, but sometimes what I have planned is not what everyone wants! So on these occasions I make my rice, place on cookie sheet, and pop in freezer for 10-15 minutes while I cook the rest.

I use cheap cuts of steak since beef is SO expensive and I have a family of 8 to feed! I am always on the look out for “Manager Special” meats since they are dramatically reduced in price! Just make sure you throw the meat in freezer if you aren’t cooking right away! Remember to cut veggies, meats, and rice in half for a smaller family!


3 Bags Stir Fry Frozen Veggies

2-3lbs Chicken Breast

5-6 Steaks (Flat Iron or Skirt Steak Cuts)

4 Eggs

Stick of Butter

Soy Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce

4 C. Instant Rice

Turn on oven to 350 degrees and once it’s at temp shut oven off. If you haven’t made the rice start it now. While that’s going cut off fat off the meats and slice into strips. Place a Tbsp of butter in the skillet and when melted throw in chicken. Add salt and pepper. Cook chicken for 5-10 minutes, depending on thickness of your slices. I have a meat thermometer! When chicken is done place on a cookie sheet. By this time the rice should be ready for the freezer!

Next, add another Tbsp of butter and cook the steak. Salt and pepper and add a few shakes of Teriyaki sauce. Remember, steak doesn’t take long to cook at all! Depending on strip size it should be less than 5 minutes. Place steak on cookie sheet with chicken and back in the oven it goes.

Time for the veggies! Add to the pan and cover for a 2 minutes. Uncover, and let cook another 2-3 minutes. When ready place on the cookie sheet with meats and keep warm in oven.

Add 2 Tbsp of butter to skillet. Beat the eggs and cook. When eggs are done add the rice and a few shakes of Soy Sauce and fry away. This take about 5 minutes. If the rice starts sticking to bottom of skillet add another Tbsp or 2 of butter. Grab cookie sheet from oven when rice is about done.

Time to plate up! Pile everything on in any order your heart desires and enjoy!

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