My Life


The living room….in our home it’s a place to watch TV, lounge, play toys, WWE wrestle, play keep away, and much more. I would SO like to have a living room that is clean with nice and comfortable furniture in it. When Kail, our first boy, was born we bought new furniture. Oh it was so nice and comfy. The recliners actually reclined and the couch cushions were firm.

Fast forward to 12 years and we’ve been through 4 couches, 3 love seats, 3 recliner chairs, and 1 coffee table.

Luckly, we had a few of the furniture pieces handed down from other family members. But quickly those were destroyed. 2 years ago a neighbor up the street was selling a nice couch and loveseat at a garage sale. We desperately needed a new couch so we bought them. Well these pieces are now ready to be thrown out! Brian has had to fix the springs underneath the couch four times. When you sit down you stink into a hole that is hard to get out of! The cushions are deflated and look like a lumpy mess. Thank goodness these pieces are brown otherwise you would be able to clearly see all the stains that are on them!

Brian likes to refer our home as ” the place where things come to die”! This is no understatement. If something is in working condition that gets handed down to us, our boys will find some way to “break it in”. Not on purpose, just by doing boy things.

If you don’t have more than one boy you are probably wondering what boy things I’m referring to. Well, when something is not working right or looks like it needs a little fixing boys can’t NOT touch it. Even if you have asked them to leave it alone. They know how to fix it and right where their dad keeps the screwdrivers, the drill, extra screws, the hammer, and any other tools that they might need. By the end of their work the item at hand is completely destroyed!

Our couch and loveseat serve as a trampoline or the “safe spot” for the tag game when we are not in the room. My boys have always wrestled with each other but last year they were introduced to the wonderful world (totally joking) of WWE wrestling! The wrestling has since turned up a notch and they have to perform signature moves. Brian’s recliner hasn’t been working right for a couple months now. We recently learned that a couple of the boys will stand on the end when it’s reclined to “Swan Dive” off!!!!

Our coffee table is solid wood. It’s starting to get a little bit wobbly. “Mom, what is the game of keep-away without the middle person jumping up on the coffee table so they can try to catch the item?” SERIOUSLY!!!??? I love how they have a solid excuse for everything that happens around here.

Let’s hope our little girl doesn’t watch them too closely! I am trying to teach her to be my spy and not get involved with their ideas! Hahaha! We want our boys to be independent and know how to fix things themselves when they’re older. We are constantly reminding them to always ask before”fixing” anything so Brian can be prepared to show them the correct way. However, our boys minds work fast and thinking about what Mom and Dad might say is usually last!

Maybe when they are all teenagers our home will not to have old or broken pieces of furniture….. Yeah right! I think the only ones that will benefit from their perfected skills are going to be the wives they have someday! Brian tells the boys when they have their own home and family, he will make sure to come teach their kids how to break in the furniture! He’s joking…..or is he??!! Hahaha

As I shop for new furniture, I think of new ways to enforce the rules of our living room. I try to tell myself that a few of my boys are old enough to follow the rules and will help teach the little ones how to respect our furniture. After I have convinced myself of our new lifestyle and start my shopping, a wrestling match breaks out. I quickly realize in a few years (hopefully a few years) I will probably be in this same predicament! I have seen my adult brothers wrestling at our mothers home, so I am not convinced that my boys will ever grow out of it!

Brian and I are very blessed to have our healthy children. We know God will lead them to do great things. But at this point, I’m not sure carpentry will be one of them! Hahaha

If you have nice furniture, enjoy it!!

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