My Life

The Toilet

Moms of boys, this is for you!! As I was conducting my daily routine today (you know the routine : cooking, cleaning, laundry, wiping up spilled drinks, being a referee) I kept thinking about what my next blog would be about. After sitting down on a peed toilet seat TWICE, I felt like it was a no brainer! Let’s remember here, I live with 5 boys 12 years old and younger! You would think that at least one of them could hit the inside of the toilet or at least lift the toilet seat lid and pee on the part no one sits on!!! But no, I never know who to blame so everyday my husband and I have a “reminder session” with the boys on how to use the bathroom. Not even joking. Some might say, “Well just look at the seat before you sit!” HA, you must not have very many children or a toddler.

The bladders for most of us moms with a lot of kiddos are WEAK! It’s ok ladies, we all know it’s true. During a long car ride or after drinking coffee we secretly can’t wait for one of the kids to say they have to go to the bathroom!! And when they say it we have to act annoyed (for the husband…we don’t want him to know it is OUR fault we had to stop again!) Since we are taking the kids inside to use it we might as well too! Hehehe When we have to go, we HAVE to go.

Then there is living with a toddler. Before they could move you could use the bathroom in peace. Well that is if you didn’t have prior children. If that’s the case, you like me have not had privacy in the bathroom for a long time!! If you lock the door someone’s crying bloody murder on the other side or laying on the floor talking to you through the crack about someone being mean. Or the “Mom, what are you doing in there?”……..seriously!!?? But toddlers, well they follow you everywhere. I am usually in such a hurry to get to the bathroom before my toddler that I don’t take the time to look at the seat. I race her into the bathroom so that I might have just a few seconds on alone time! HA

Should we really have to look at the toilet lid before we sit down though!? I say NO, but that is unrealistic in this house! We currently have some toilet issues in our home. A couple of them are not flushing correctly. We interrogated our boys with no helpful results. So now our attention is turned to the beautiful little princess who can do no harm. Or can she?! We have caught her putting things in the toilet before and recently learned she’s strong enough to flush. Hmmm, surely not our little princess.

We went to Menards last week found out that they sell tall toilets now. Probably for tall people, but that wasn’t what was going through our heads. We were thinking, “Praise the Lord. Someone started making taller toilets so boys can hit the inside of the bowl!” Hahaha Well we will see how that goes when they get installed!

Mom’s, good luck with the toilet seats in your homes. May God bless you with His grace when you sit on a wet toilet seat!!  Hahaha 

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